Friday, January 8, 2010

New Year, New Car

Well, sort of.....

If you read one of my earlier Blog posts, you know that I bought a new car almost 2 years ago. I liked the car, but I made a mistake and traded in my truck for it. I did not want to pay car insurance for 2 vehicles, so I gave up my truck.

Unfortunately, I still needed a vehicle that could carry tools and equipment. I thought I could get away with not having a truck, and bought a car with a Hatchback, which was like having an extra large trunk space. It was not enough. So, I kept putting it off, and putting it off, but I finally had enough and started actively searching for a used truck. I should have kept the one I had. Oh well, too late now......

I did not want to buy a brand new one because of the worsening economy, and the extra payments and higher cost of car insurance it would cost me. For practicality's sake, I thought it would be best to buy a used one. Besides, who needs something new and pristine when you're just going to haul tools and equipment?

I decided on a used truck made by General Motors. I had my search narrowed down to a 1999 model, and used for my search. But every time I found something I was interested in, it was sold by the time I contacted the owner/dealer.

Eventually, I wrote on my Facebook page that I was looking for a used truck. An old friend of mine told me he had a truck that he did not use anymore and would sell it to me if I was interested. It was not a 1999 Chevy or GMC truck, but a 1993 Ford F150 XLT Supercab with 4 wheel drive and a 351 cubic inch engine. My friend had not actively used the truck in 2 years, and it was parked in the driveway of his home. It was still running well and could do what I needed it to do, so, much to the delight of his wife, I took the "thing that blocked the driveway" off his hands. Of course, it needed some work, but what 17 year old vehicle doesn't?

The funny thing is, the truck was probably at or near the top of the line back in 1993. Four Wheel drive, AM/FM Cassette player with 6 speaker sound, Cruise Control..... it even had a lift kit with larger 33 inch tires. This truck is made to go almost anywhere, in a practical sort of way. No, it's not your typical "Monster" truck that's lifted so high, you need a ladder to get in, or built more to impress than to go off-roading. No, you just need a step stool to get in, and it can and will go off-roading. Since it has been off-roading, the paint is scratched in a lot of places. It could use repainting, but like I said, I'm only going to use it to carry things.

This is all well and good, but I live in California. And in California, you are what you drive. Isn't it odd, that in the rest of the world, Motorcycles are used as transportation, but here in California, and most of the USA, Motorcycles are a fashion accessory? BTW, I do own a Harley Davidson Motorcycle. I guess I'm a hypocrite. But I digress....

If I am what I drive, then I am:

Beat-up and in need of cosmetic improvements. Once top of the line, now old and outdated. Used and abused.

OMG! It's spot on! *cries*