Friday, April 2, 2010

I Will Never be a Democrat (Part 1 of my political reasonings)

Back when I worked at a Grocery store, someone was signing up people to become registered voters. I filled out the form, and then was told, "You didn't pick a Political party." I told him I was "Independent" and there was no box for that, and left. That person was probably signing up Democrats, because little did I know, I became a registered Democrat.

After years of receiving nothing but flyers from Democrats, I had no idea. It wasn't until I realized that I could not vote for people of the Republican party in their run-off elections, that I figured it out.

But is it so wrong to be considered a Democrat? Asian-American and Japanese Political Action groups all support the Democrats, they can't be that bad.

Well, I guess those groups have short memories. I am not a Democrat mostly because my father did not like them. You see, after the start of Word War II, he and his family, along with all others of Japanese decent, were all put into Internment camps by order of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt,who was in his 4th term at the time. They had to leave their homes and jobs, and live in barracks on mostly desert land that was either too hot, or too cold. My father had a good job at a grocery store as a produce manager. He was a hard worker and well liked by his employer. My father and other Japanese had to take all of their belongings and either sell them, or have them stored in warehouses. All of these storage places were broken into and robbed. When people eventually came home, they were left with whatever they had with them at that time. Incidentally, if you have a grandparent that have things that seem to be Japanese heirlooms, they probably got it cheap, or it was stolen.

This sad part of American history, was apologized for by a Republican President, Ronald Reagan.

Then, although you could make a case for the dropping of the first Atomic bomb on Hiroshima to end the war, I think we could all agree that a second one dropped on Nagasaki was "over-kill." And I mean that as more than a pun. Both bombs were dropped on Cities where women and children were left, while the men were sent to fight the war for Japan. I believe President Truman at the time, was quoted as saying, "I think we've killed enough women and children." So, it's not like he didn't know.

Both of those Presidents were Democrats. My father HATED President Roosevelt. I grew up thinking he helped the United States get out of the Depression. It was actually the war that helped the United States get out of the Depression. By creating jobs making planes, boats, guns, ammunition, Jeeps, and other vehicles and war material, Employees were created. When Employees are created, Consumers are created. And just as important, taxpayers were created.

Though I consider myself Independent, I guess I'm really Anti-Democrat. More on this later.