Thursday, October 2, 2008


Have you ever stubbed your toe(s)? Doesn't it hurt so much, you end up hopping and limping around for a while? Of course you have. Have you ever heard of Athletes who couldn't perform because something was wrong with their toe(s)? Depending on the severity of a toe injury, it can be difficult to push off and make certain moves that an Athlete needs to do, to...... um, athlete?

I once went on a Motorcycle Police Officer who crashed, and who's only complaint was breaking his big toe. It was injured bad enough that the blood circulation in his toe was compromised. Because there is some thought that losing the big toe makes walking and standing awkward, we rushed him to the hospital.

What's this got to do with Evolution? My thought is, if Evolution was a valid theory, wouldn't our toes be stronger? Sure, I may be biased, since I believe in Creationism, but really, we wouldn't be here today if we Evolved from lesser than our current form.

Think back, and imagine with me .......... there you are, "Krok." Krok hungry. Krok go hunt for food. Krok go into jungle. WHOA! It's T-Rex! RUN! He's catching up! OW! OH SH*T! Krok stubbed toes on rock! Krok on ground writhing in pain. (I'm not too sure if early man could writhe or not, but hey, it's MY story.) That's it, *CHOMP CHOMP*, eaten in two quick bites. Krok is history, and so is the rest of Human kind.

The Human Race had no chance of surviving without stronger toes. Yet, here we are, with weak toes.

Too deep?

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