Friday, November 7, 2008

Addenum to Hope for the Best

In all of my "Political" blogs, I believe I have a recurring theme. I don't believe what any Politician tells me, even Obama, I wait to see what's actually done. I've heard it all in my time, and I fell for some lines before. Now I want results. That's what you should all ask for. If you're one who believes in Obama 100% and he doesn't produce, you should not vote for him again. you should think, "NEXT!"

I understand all of the feelings brought up by Obama's election to President that has been expressed. In this Country, electing a person of "color" has been long overdue. It's the first time a Caucasian male has not won. This really does "open the door" or break any perceived and/or real barriers to minorities. Even for women.

But who really "makes" these barriers? Is it really only the Caucasion males of America? For the last 4 years, we have had a African-American woman as Secretary of State, a very important position. To be honest, I really don't know how Condelleeza Rice rates as one, compared to others who held the same position. But the fact that she is in the position, and not recognized, well the silence speaks volumes. If the silence is because she is a Republican, and she has been appointed by Bush, then that is really sad.

But this Country is ailing. And it doesn't matter what your race, gender or creed is. We will all suffer, no matter who we are. We need help, we need to get back on our feet. If we as a people were as naive as we were in the early 1900's, I believe we would be in a Depression, for we would have panicked and made a run on all Banks and cashed out on all stocks by now.

I'm hoping that Obama will put together a team that is NOT of payback to friends, lobbyists, or to people in his own Party. I hope he finds the best person for all Cabinet positons, no matter what Party they belong to, and goes from there. Payback is over, we had enough of that.

And talk is over. It's time to acutally do something. And you too, don't sit back and wait for it. HELP make it happen. Stop wanting FROM your Country. Do something FOR your Country.

(See, I'm all talk.....)


PuPCakes said...

It is important to realize that president elect Obama has already done something: namely invigorate a generation of people who were otherwise apathetic and were not previously at all interested in politics. It will be interesting to see if he is able to keep their attention. It will be amazing if these people actually give back to their communities and country.

Hey, at least we are on the right path, right? A path I believe that would not have been there if McCain was elected...

p.s. Condelezza Rice is a terrible secretary of state, and not because she is republican.

Ninja said...

In a male dominant society like the Middle East, I wonder how much more effective she would have been if she was a man. Most of the problems are in the Middle East. Hillary is being considered to take her place, an though she would command more respect than Rice, she's still a woman. Time will tell.

Ninja said...

Obama is recruiting people who are/were considered Clinton's people. So much for "Change." It's the same old Political vending machine handing out favors....