Sunday, August 16, 2009

Pookie & Puka

Like the movie Julie & Julia, Julie wrote a Blog and wondered if anyone read it. One can only tell by the comments left, if someone actually reads a Blog, and for a while there, only Julie's mother would comment on it. Sometimes I wonder if anyone reads this. Maybe if I had a single theme, instead of writing whatever comes to mind, it would be more readable. Maybe I can start another one with just my Firefighting stories in it.

But there are many who may read a Blog and not leave a comment. I am guilty of the that, though I try to leave a comment if I can make it naughty. If you see your Blog listed on the right side of this page, then you know for sure that I read your Blog, even if I don't leave a comment.

In the movie, Julie stated receiving more and more comments, mostly from strangers, and that made her feel validated. She even high-fived a co-worker when she had 53 comments to her Blog. Some of her readers even sent her gifts in the mail. I don't know how this would happen in real life. Who would post their real address on their Blog? Well, since it was a movie, anything goes......

Sometimes things change. I know that Frank used to read my Blog, but now he has a girlfriend, and he's become MIA, even on Facebook. Sometimes I'm not even sure there was a Frank. Maybe he was a figment of my imagination?

Then there's Puka. Recently she has made some major changes in her life, and now, she too is MIA. Last I heard from her, she wondered if she made the right decisions, and what she might do from then on.

Well, maybe one day I'll hear from her. Maybe this Blog will cause her to come out of hiding. Maybe Frank will risk coming out of the witness protection program to say hello. Maybe I'll win the lottery. Wait a minute, does this mean Frank is "Pookie?"

Wherever you are, whatever you're doing, I hope that at least, you're having a Happy Birthday today. So Happy Birthday Rochelle.


megan said...

I read your blog, even if I don't often comment. I check my stats with statcounter and feedburner and know that I have about 75 regular readers. . . but they don't comment. I think it's normal.

Marimbaroach said...

thanks for the well wishes.

Ninja said...

I need a stat counter! But this was a lot about losing touch with people I like, and wondering about them too.

gail said...

Once I left a comment and it never got posted. So, why should I take the time to write a comment? :)

Ninja said...