Friday, September 4, 2009

Health Care Reform

Previously, I wrote a Blog post about my support for a one payer Health Insurance system. There are many reasons why it should be done.

But I have changed mind. Of all the factors involved, I forgot one thing. Politicians are crooks. I have always said that what they do, they do for themselves, not for you or me. That one factor, a Politically run system, of ANYTHING, always ends up corrupt. Whether or not it starts that way is insignificant. It will end up corrupt.

So, let's name a few things "wrong" with our current system.

1. It's too expensive.
2. It has too many limitations.
3. It denies coverage.

Let's examine why it is too expensive.

1. Too many people can't pay for their medical care, so the "loss" is passed on to the rest of us.
2. Liability insurance is too costly for Doctors and Hospitals.
3. Emergency Rooms are used by indigent people for minor problems.
4. Hospital costs are often inflated.
5. No one knows the prices, so there is no competition.

Some cures for this can be:

1. If everyone is covered, there will be less loss, so that cost is not passed on to anyone.
2. Tort reform.
3. Medicare/Medicaid covering regular Doctor visits.
4. Legislate profits limits for Hospitals.
5. Make Hospitals and Doctors reveal their pricing information.

Let's examine the limitations and denial of coverage.

1. Lifetime financial limits, example 1 million dollars per person as long as they live.
2. Procedures that are not covered.
3. Pre-existing conditions ending in no coverage.

Legislation can be the only cure for this.

So, I propose in some ways, we mandate mandatory health insurance for everyone. Mandate that no one can be denied. Mandate no financial limitations.

And mandate this for Private Insurers only. No more Government system. If anything, the Government will help pay premiums for the poor. Why? We live in a Capitalist system. Government should not do EVERYTHING for us. It should provide the basics, and help the needy. When I say "help," I mean assist, not do it for them.

There are many people out there proposing different things. But as I read this article in Atlantic magazine, it made more sense than any other. I'm not sure if my ideas are the same as in this article, so don't write to me if there are discrepancies from what is written.

Anyway, please read it. It is long, but informative.


megan said...

Oooh, I like the cynicism of this post. Cynicism is also what makes me skeptical of government-provided universal health care. As in, when has the federal government been responsible for anything that it didn't make a colossal mess of? I will read the article. Thanks, Masa.

mathonk's poenya said...

i'm certainly...