Thursday, August 19, 2010

Global Warming

Everyone is talking about Global Warming. Why? Because the weather all over the Earth has been crazy! First off, to be clear, Global Warming does NOT mean that the weather is hot all the time. It refers to the average temperature of the Earth and that it seems to be going up by 1 degree every few years.

This upward trend is blamed for the cause of our weird weather patterns and other phenomenons. They say our world will eventually turn into a wasteland if this trend continues. I don't want to live in a wasteland!

This is where the disagreements start. Some say that the change is man-made, and some say it is occurring naturally.

Regardless, the culprit is what people call "Greenhouse" gases. One of those gases is Carbon Dioxide. When living things breathe, we exhale Carbon Dioxide. Many cars and factories produce Carbon Dioxide.

To prevent this, we need to lessen the impact of this excess Carbon Dioxide that we create. The only thing I know of that does this, is plants. Through Photosynthesis, plants "breathe in" Carbon Dioxide and give off Oxygen.

Oxygen is what all living things need for their bodies to function properly. Oxygen helps keeps us healthy by providing nourishment to our brains and heart. Maybe with Global Warming, our Oxygen content is going down too. That would explain a lot of things. There's more health problems, heart attacks, and more crazy people in the world. It must be the lack of Oxygen! What if all we needed was more Oxygen producing plants?

But what are we doing in the world today? Cutting down the Rain Forests and replacing "green" with concrete in other places. We need to stop this trend. We need more plants in the world to combat the excess Carbon Dioxide that we create.

So I have decided to start a new trend to lessen my production of Carbon Dioxide. Exercise makes you breathe harder and faster. That stops right now. Sedentary is my new motto. Eating "right" means having fruits and vegetables with your meals. That ends too! No more killing plant life for me! Living plants give me Oxygen, dead plants make me go poo. Poo makes even MORE greenhouse gasses! And last but not least, I will eat more meat. Animals create just as much Carbon Dioxide as the next Greenhouse gas producer, so we're better off to have less of them.

So all of you "Greenies" out there in Cyberland, riding your bicycles, and living/eating a Vegetarian or Vegan lifestyle, take a good look at yourself in the mirror. YOU are killing the Earth!

What? So you say my new way of living is unhealthy and will lead to my early demise? Well, maybe it's better than getting old and living in a wasteland.