Friday, November 6, 2009

Being Single on Facebook

For those of you who are married, you may have forgotten what it's like to be single. Well, think of yourselves as Lucky. You have no idea what you're up against now. Oh the pressures of being single....

When you sign up for Facebook, you give them some personal information about yourself. Through that information, they generate Advertisements that might interest you. This way, Facebook can remain free to use, otherwise, you'd have to pay a fee. Being a Single man, I get a bombarded by Singles Ads. Some of them are humorous, using the same picture with different Names, or Headlines.

See? Mary and Jennifer are the same person.
Unless they are twins.

Here's the same girl and same picture, used by
two different Websites.

These are for "Older" women. The second one doesn't really look "Older." The last one is the same picture for a girl looking for Older men

These women are "Mature," not "Older." Supposedly, they are ready for Long-term relationships, though the first one looks like
she just wants a booty call.

Here's some "Young" girls allegedly looking for Older men. The last girl doesn't look that young. I didn't capture the picture of the one girl who looked like she could be 14. I wonder how many
Old guys fall for this? Huh? Oh, no! Not me..... *ahem*

Interested in dating a Model? They're not interested in dating YOU! hahahaha Oh-oh, the joke's on me..... : (

Interested in Russian Brides? I bet they really look like Gorbachev......

Ads for other races, even girls that are into "Inter-racial"
dating. Why is there a separate category? And why "California" girls? I don't get that description. Does "California" mean "Asian?"

Ah, finally! Nice Christian girls! Good girls you can take home to Mother. Wait a minute! A couple of them look like "Bad" girls... HMMMMM

Now here's one with a spelling error. "Take a PEAK?"
Which one? The left peak or the right peak? :x

That brings me to this. Can you guess the two things that most
Singles Ads have in common? Yes, TWO things. Come on, you're not trying...... YES! bOObs! But not just bOObs. BIG bOObs! Some look Photoshopped to appear larger, and out of proportion. Who do they think they're kidding? Single, Desperate Old men aren't that gullible. *COUGH*

These are just a mish-mash of ??? The "Single Mom" looks like she could be the daughter. I don't know what's up with the girl and the "Sucker." What? "Want a girlfriend?" You kind of look like one of those latex dolls... No! I don't want that! "Does Size Matter?" Er........ I hope not... ahem.... cough.....

I changed my Profile to "Interested in Men" and got this......

You can run, but you can't hide.


Den Santiez said...

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Ninja said...

Sorry, not interested. I guess you don't get that I'm trying to AVOID these Ads.

Cheri Adams Goldwater said...

Ignore them Ninja! My add says that
"Obama wants 40 year old women to go back to school"

First 1 did go to college but I don't like being singled out as an old woman. :)

Ninja said...

That Obama guy sure is obnoxious.