Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Responsible Censorship

There are many things that can be found on the Internet. Everything on it can be classified as "Information." But sometimes, some information should be kept to oneself, and not published. Some would consider this "Censorship." I would call it, "Responsible Journalism." In this case, because it is more in line with "Safety," I feel everyone should have the following information, so that they will not be killed, maimed or injured in any other way.

How to make a Pipe Bomb.

First, handle ALL material cautiously. Although the pipe itself is not dangerous, unless you drop it on your foot while barefoot, other ingredients may be volatile. Using the recipe I have listed at the end of this, place all items on a clean table.

Do NOT pre-mix the chemicals prior to assembling the pipe. This will allow the individual material that is "safe" by itself, to become explosive. Let me take a picture to show you what it would look like pre-mixed. Wait, I need to use Flash. *BOOM*

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