Monday, December 29, 2008

How to Tell You're Getting OId............... er

There are many tell-tale signs that you are getting older. But one way is so universal, you may not have even noticed it.

It also involves the Universal language. What? No, not sex, and your inability to "do it" as you get older. Huh? Oh, NO, not me.........

It's music. Music can be placed in different categories. Rock, R&B, Hip Hop, Rap, Classical, Country........... But it has nothing to do with which type you listen to. No, that's not it. And some of today's music can be called a "phase," compared to some classic songs. I mean, there are some songs that can be played years later and it's still great. Some songs are just for today. But that's not it either.

Think about it, when you were young, the more bass your favorite music had, the better it was, and the louder you wanted that bass to be played. And the younger you are, the larger the Woofers have become. Yes, these speaker components that produce the bass sound have gotten bigger and bigger each year. Well, they may have stopped growing, but now you add more. I remember when 2 6 X 9 woofers were the big thing. Oh my, did I just date myself?

Today's music, played with these speakers with extra large multiple woofers, and Amplifiers to go with them, produce ear-drum shattering sound. You've heard it coming from cars, and/or parties, and everything seems to be shaking, as if there 's an earthquake. If you are young, you like this. If you are old, well...........

So I've come up with a chart to determine if you have become old:

Party with loud bass producing music:

Young = You are there, or want to be there.

Not so Young = You were not invited, but you don't care.

Old = It's keeping you awake, but eventually, you fall asleep.

Really Old = You call the Police on them. The earlier you call, the older you are.

Extremely Old = You can't hear them at all, or remember what is going on.

New Year's Eve parties are coming up. Where do you fit?


PuPCakes said...

where's - you WERE invited but don't care?

Ninja said...

Wouldn't that make you snooty, not old?

PuPCakes said...

old people can't be snooty?
I am more like a snotty middle aged person, I guess.

Ninja said...

You don't have to be old to be snooty. And now, you have to be at least 45 to be middle aged. In dog years, I think, you are not even 21. But you may be snotty, so blow your nose. I'll see if i can add a category for you.