Friday, August 8, 2008


What's so special about today? According to some, the number 8 is a lucky number for Asians, or more specifically, the Chinese. The number 8 is also similar to the symbol representing infinity.

Many people are doing various things today to increase their chances of longevity and/or luck. Some people are getting married. My friend Catherine is getting married today. May it indeed be a lucky day for her.

Some people are probably hoping their child is born today. I wonder at what lengths people will go through, to ensure a birth today? Induce labor by medicinal means? Duct tape the Vagina until today?

Anyway, I don't believe in all this, but I wasn't going to take any chances. At approximately 8:08 AM, I bought a Mega Lotto ticket for today's jackpot. I wonder if I won. I haven't checked yet, because I am at work. I never check the winning numbers at work, because I think it would be bad Karma to not finish my shift. I know if I win a big jackpot, I would go home right away. But, doing so would mean that the unit that I work on would be shut down, meaning no Paramedic Ambulance until the next day when the next shift comes on duty.

I think that Asian people are mistaken about today's date having any significance. If you are going by the Chinese Calendar, the Year is not 2008, it is 4645. It could also be 4605 or 4606 depending on who's interpretation you go by.

Well, now it is 08/09/08. Nothing special happened to me today, though I still haven't checked my Lotto numbers. It was just another day in my life. I had a terrible night's sleep, had to wake up early to go to work, was half asleep most of the day, missed an on-time lunch and dinner because of 911 calls, and now I am up late because I'm not sleepy.

My life is a vicious cycle that repeats itself over and over again. Too bad it isn't like "Groundhog Day." Then I could re-live the day over and over until I get it right, and make improvements like learning to play the Piano. I used to play the French Horn, so I can play similar instruments like the Trumpet, if I start practicing. But instead of the Piano, I'd probably try to learn how to play the Saxophone or Guitar. Maybe the Drums. At least I'd be banging something.

What? Oh, you dirty....... I meant for stress relief. WHAT?!?

(Update: I did not win the Jackpot.)


Pupcakes said...

I didn't win either, but then again Latinos don't need a special "lucky" date to win the lotto...

Ninja said...

You do need a lucky date. The date that you win would be your lucky date.