Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What Is That?

I'm jealous that my friend has a contest going on, so I will copy......... I mean, um, er, come up with my own contest.

What kind of animal is this? Can you name it? I'll give you some hints. I found it at the Dodger game. It seems to have many relatives, for I saw a few more of these creatures, here and there. It's difficult to see it's face, and even if it has arms and/or legs. All anyone knows is that they started showing up in the month of August. There is no prizes if you get it right. Why? Because I'm cheap.......

HMMMMMM No one has participated in my contest. I guess I'll have to conduct a survey on why.

My contest was a dud because:

A. I offered no prize for the winner.
B. I'm not a hawt chick, so who cares?
C. You're stoopid.
D. I'm stoopid.

Remember, Please Vote, if you don't, the terrorist have won.

*SIGH* I guess no one reads my blogs.... The correct answer to the mystery animal is: Manny Ramirez hair. The correct answer to my survey is: B & D. *sniff*


PuPCakes said...

dood. you didn't even give me a chance!!

I totally knew it right off the bat! well... I was going to guess "Pouli" when you said "animal", but then you said "dodger stadium"...

Wahhhh. I want my prize.

p.s. I also have lost some readership. mainly due to "cutesiness" I was told to add drama and an "edge". I suggest you do the same.

Ninja said...

Mom! Stop it! You're embarrassing me again!

frank said...

I knew the answer. I knew the answer before Puka.

Judy said...

I was going to say 'hair'