Sunday, August 10, 2008

Should I be Proud?

After reading another Blog, I took this quiz.....


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I can take 19 5 year olds in a fight............. Should I be proud? Or ashamed that the number is too low? You know, it wouldn't be easy fighting a multitude of 5 year olds. It would be almost like a Zombie attack. They'd just keep coming and coming. You don't think so? Ask a Kindergarten teacher, they would know. Or the Ice Cream man. *shudder* My heart goes out to those people.

Oh, and if you want to know, I'd also make a slightly better human shield than you would.


City Elf said...

what if they were really BIG 5-year-olds?

also, i agree with the zombie assessment. *shudders*

Ninja said...

Then I'd be in trouble.