Monday, August 4, 2008

A Little About Me.

I was a 140lb weakling in High School. I was not picked on because I was friendly, or because my friends could kick your ass. I don't know which, pick one. My best friend since Jr. High was once approached in a bathroom at High School by a "Cholo," (Mexican Gang member) and was "asked" for his money. My friend got him up against the wall and said, "No, you give me your money." My friend had money to spend that day. Not much, but enough for lunch.

I was neither an Athlete nor an "A" student. I spent one year on the "practice squad" being the Human Tackling dummy, of the "B" Football team. The "B" team is the lowest level, 1 Varsity, 2 Jr Varsity, 3 B, although only Varsity and B games were played against other schools. And I quit High School with one semester left and took the GED. Why? I had it up to here with the LA City School District's idea of what you should be taught or what to learn.

I do have a disadvantage from leaving School early. You will see though my Blogger existence that my grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, and vocabulary all are in need of correction. However, don't, because my friend will kick your ass.

So I went out and got my life experience working at various jobs. My first real job was with Safeway Stores as a bagger. I also worked for my best friend's mother's boyfriend as a Plumber's Apprentice. Since my High School days, I have been interested in cars. I had many Classic Mustangs, and took a few of them apart, and put them back together, including the engines. I've owned trucks, and a couple of Import cars, even a Mini-Van. I also worked for a friend at his Full Service Gas Station.

Other than Football, I played Little League Baseball for 2 years, and played on a Recreational Basketball league team for about 10 years, after High School. I like to jog when I can, and sometimes I work out.

Mostly, I spend my time in front of a 20 inch LCD screen, typing into cyber space. All of my friends have turned from skin and bones to bits and bytes.

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