Friday, August 29, 2008


I hate Politics. I don't care what party you believe in, I feel none really have your best interests on their minds.

I once heard a Political Satirist say that there are two groups of rich people, and each group benefits from each other within their group, but benefits minimally from the other group. One group gets richer when Republicans are in charge, the other when Democrats are in charge. That's the only difference between Democrats and Republicans.

If I ever had the ear of the Nation, I would say, "You know what's wrong with this Country? Democrats and Republicans." I'd probably get shot the next day.

Now that we are in an Election year, we will hear all kinds of rhetoric, things we "want to hear," so that whoever is running, gets elected. Not that everything a Politician says is a lie, but it would take a lot to convince me of it's truth.

Yes, I am that pessimistic about Politics and Politicians. The only people that really know what's going on, are the ones there, behind the scenes. I can visualize them telling their candidates, say this and say that, it will get you elected.

Working for the City of Los Angeles, I felt that our last Mayor, Kenneth Hahn, was very good for our City. But people thought he had no charisma, and he was defeated by the current Mayor, Antonio Villaraigosa, because he charmed the voters. Charisma and charm doesn't get the job done. And though I do see that Mayor Villaraigosa is a better at "sound bites" and "photo ops" than Mayor Hahn, I still don't see that he is actually doing a better job.

What's very odd to me, is when you hear the "rumors" from people who serve Politicians. They say George W. Bush is nice, courteous, and friendly. His ranch in Texas is very "Green." Al Gore treated people like they were his servants, and didn't go "Green" until after he made the "Inconvenient Truth" and after his "faults" being pointed out to him that he wasn't "green." You'd think a person like Bush would have done a better job.

That doesn't necessarily mean that Al Gore would have done a better job than George Bush. NO, YOU DON'T KNOW! You can't rewrite history, it's done. Monday morning Quarterbacking does not change anything, and you can NOT guarantee what you THINK would have been different, really would have happened.

Unfortunately, we as a Country, have not gone beyond High School, when we all voted for the most popular person for High School Class President. And the same is still happening. Did the High School Class President ever do anything for you, or make your High School experience better? No.

One year there were two movies about fictional Presidential candidates. One was politics as usual, but then had an epiphany and changed his vision to do what's good for the Country. The other movie portrayed someone who was a weasel, and did what he could to "look" good and say what the people wanted to hear to get elected. In most of the Talk shows where the actor in the latter movie was promoting this movie, he was asked semi-seriously, if he would run for President. People applauded, I was appalled.....

All I can say is, don't vote for someone just because they are Male or Female. Black, White, Yellow, or Brown. Gay or Straight. Young or Old. And don't idolize any of them. Vote for who you think will do what's "right," not what their Party wants them to do. And then watch them, and hold them to what they say they will do. That is the key. I'm not saying I wouldn't vote for Obama, but I see too much faith being put on him. That disturbs me more. Make a choice with as much clear vision as you can have, and look beyond the image ANYONE is portraying. Don't tell me things will change, wait until it really happens, then rejoice.

The Country has been ailing for the longest time, and it's NOT just the fault of Republicans. It's the fault of everyone, including me and you. The best are not running for office. The best are not being nominated. And the best are not being voted for.

If you think I'm off base, if you think that ANY Politician will help you, consider this. Is there any Politician, that worries about their own Health Insurance coverage? Their own Retirement pension? Whether they would have a home, or something to eat today? Would any Politician balk at giving themselves more pay and increased Health and Retirement benefits? No.

What's the answer to all of this? One answer is easy, implementing it is almost impossible. Take out "Big Money" from Politics. You can only serve one master. That master has been greed. That needs to change.

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