Thursday, August 7, 2008

Who I'd Like to Date

More about ME! Anyway, I'm single. I've been this way for a while, it's a disease I tell you! It's hard to explain why, but a lot has to do with things I just don't have control over. Let's see, first, I am naturally shy. Yes I am! *blush* I had to overcome this, and I did by over-compensating and being a Joker. No, not the Batman kind. Although........ never mind. You know, the typical "Class Clown." But not THE Class Clown. I just played a minor role, Class clown #3.

My best friend, the one who could kick your ass, was also the best story teller. He would have us in stitches all the time. He rubbed off on me, and I rubbed off on him. We complimented each other. I'd like to think that he could have gone the other way and joined a gang, but didn't because of me. And his Aunt, who would have whipped his ass if he did.

After High School, I worked in a Gas Station and made $5.00 per hour. I met a few women who came in regularly for gas, and some may have been attracted to me, but I was clueless. I look back and recall this one girl who asked me, "Why are you so nice to me?" She had a slow leak in her tire, and I would always fill it up for her. Rico Suave in me answered, "Um, I'm nice to everyone." D'OH! Anyway, I'm not that vain. I still think on the scale of 1-10, I'm a solid 6, okay!, 5 1/2. It probably was just an innocent question and not a come-on. Then again, I was just a poor boy, nobody loved me. He's just a poor boy from a poor family! *STOP IT!* Damn Queen.... I was "poor." Where could I take a girl, with a real job, on a date since I was only making $5.00 an hour?

My biggest "chance" to find someone, was when I worked for Bank of America. I met a hell of a lot of people there, and many of them were women. I did come out of my shell by then, but I guess I over compensated again and was a little too forward sometimes. It's okay though. The last girl I pursued from B of A would have been a disaster for me. I started talking to her and found out she was interested in a job that my friend was looking to fill. It was as a Civil Engineering apprentice. She got the job, and I started seeing more of her, because I often had lunch with my friend. Eventually I had a few lunches with her. There was one problem. She lived with her boyfriend. She almost left him for me, but fate saved me. Nothing ever happened. Eventually she married the guy, and the guy caught her cheating on him with one of her co-workers. Whew! I dodged that heartache.

Anyway, I went back to school while working for B of A, because my main interest was becoming a Firefighter. So, I enrolled in Community College and took Fire Science classes. I also took some General Ed classes, and did so well, I got on the Dean's list. Imagine that, a High School drop-out on the Dean's list. Sacrilege.

By now I was too busy to do anything else with my time, even dating. I focused on getting a job as a Firefighter. I did well enough on the last testing process for the City of Los Angeles, but LA announced a hiring freeze on the day I had my Oral interview, and I had to wait two extra years to get hired. If it wasn't for the Riots, I probably would have had to wait a little longer, or had to re-test for the job.

I finally got the job, and it was time consuming. Being a Rookie was 24/7/365. On-duty or off, I was training or studying. After Probation, there was still much to learn. Then, when there was a "lull" I decided to volunteer for Paramedic school. That took another long year of training, and then I was assigned to a very busy Station in the Pico-Union District of Los Angeles. We were always one of the top 3 busiest Paramedic ambulances in the City. I always came home beat. I mean come home and sleep till noon beat. Yeah, there were times when I wasn't, but it was few and far between.

I could go into more of that, but you see my point, too busy to date. Now, I have personal issues that keep me tethered to home. I can go out, but only on a limited basis. Unfortunately, most of the women I meet today, are too young for me. At work, even when I was on Yelp, all under 30. And my ideal range is over 35. I guess I could be one of those "Dirty-old-men" with a girl 20 years his junior, but I just can't do it. If I did, she would have to have a ton in common with me, and that's not likely. Hey, don't get me wrong, I do get tempted sometimes, but not enough to act.

I'm still called clueless, and having "eyes wide shut," so maybe I'm missing something. Maybe. But like most things that have happened to me in life, including becoming a Firefighter, fate did it's job. I almost got hired as a Firefighter 12 years before I did. I wasn't ready back then, and passed on it. It was the best thing to happen to me. I didn't know it at the time, but fate was making sure I was physically and mentally ready to become a Firefighter. Fate also kept me from dating that one girl I mentioned above. So, I still wait, but this time, I'm getting less physically able, and more mental. Um, what do you expect from an old man like me? Still I know whoever I'm waiting for, is out there and is gonna be everything I NEVER looked for in a woman. (Please don't be a man!) Isn't that the way it always is?

But wait a minute, that's not the title of this post. So, who would I like to Date? Wouldn't YOU like to know.


Pupcakes said...

making fun of me?

If you call using my name as a euphemism "making fun"...
some pups are sensitive about their name :(
plus, we all know who you'd like to "poke" -greg, frank, ed...

Ninja said...

Who has the dirty mind? I could have meant anything. "Who I'd Like to Puka" could mean, "Who I'd Like to Hold Hands With." Or, "Who'd I Like to Hug." Or, "...Kiss." Or "...Caress." HMMMMMM For some reason, it's getting hot in here....

Ninja said...

I changed it for you.