Friday, August 15, 2008

The Truth Always Comes Out

Continuing on my stories from calls that I've gone on, here are two where the "patients" were not so truthful about what happened to them.

Story #1
We were called to two brothers who were driving in their car. They told us that they were pulled over by the Police, and one of them swallowed some drugs that he had because he didn't want to be caught with them.

After asking what it was and how much was swallowed, we "advised" them that the small amount of marijuana swallowed, would probably do no more damage than if they smoked it. There is no "antidote" for what he swallowed, and it would have to go through his system the natural way. They were satisfied with the advice and refused any more assistance.

A half-hour later, we were called to the same brothers at a different address. The brother who swallowed the drugs was uncontrollable, and just flailing around inside his car. Because of protocols, we called the Police to restrain him for us, and we took him to the hospital. Though a little puzzled by his reaction to a little marijuana, we didn't think much of it.

Later on, the hospital had found cocaine in his system. His heart went nuts for a while, and they had to de-fibrillate him a few times to get him out of dangerous heart rhythms.

When his family showed up, the staff told them he had cocaine in his system and they would have to wait and see, because the effects are uncontrollable, and sometimes deadly. The family replied, "Oh, no, he doesn't use drugs." The nurse said, "Um, well, you see, we did a blood test, and found cocaine in his blood." Again, they replied, "Oh no, it's not possible, he doesn't use drugs." Denial is not just a long river in Egypt...........

Story #2
We found a guy laying face up on the sidewalk, dirty, as if he slept in the grass all night. We aroused him and got him to talk to us. He was obviously beaten-up by someone. Black eyes, face swollen with bumps on his head, bruises, scratches, but very little blood. There was even a thinly carved word on his chest. We couldn't quite make out what it said, "LA--A."

He had no deformities, though he did have some possibly broken bones, and he could have had internal bleeding. Since my X-ray vision wasn't working that day, we didn't take any chances and took him to the Trauma center. The Police were also there.

While we were treating him and then taking him to the hospital, both the Officer and I questioned him. He gave us vague answers. "What happened? How did you get these scratches?" "I crawled under a fence." "Why did you do that?" "To get to where I was going." "Who beat you up? Who wrote on your chest?" "I don't know." "What was the last thing you did, where were you?" "I was with my girlfriend." "What's your girlfriend's name?" "Laura."

Wha-what?!?!?!? AHA! "LA--A" was Laura!

I don't know the full circumstances of what happened, but I know one thing....... Beware of Lauras in or around Echo Park!

(Just a note, there was no apostrophe after the first letter "L." You'll be safe with L'aura........... I think?)

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