Saturday, August 9, 2008

Internet Friends

As I wrote before, I made a lot of friends while on the website, A few of the friends I made were strictly Internet friends. Why? Because I never got to meet them in real life, that's why. Duh!

So today, I was invited to an Engagement party held by a couple that I met on Yelp. Amy first and then Linden, after she got him to join. They are a nice couple and a darn good looking one too. Amy has pretty eyes, and a great smile. Linden....... well, if I was gay.......... I guess I can say that he is very handsome. Damn that Oprah! Why do I listen to her? Get in touch with my feminine side my ass....... Good thing I'm not gay. Did I just say I watch Oprah?

Anyway, I still feel it odd to meet people on Yelp, especially since I left over 2 months ago. I didn't run into anyone who had disagreements with me, though who really knows? Maybe some were just being polite. HMMMMM Judy DID try to run me down in her car. Damn! I thought she'd be the last one to do such a thing. And L'aura DID wave some kind of weird hand gestures at me. It didn't involve one finger, so maybe it was nothing.

Well, just a few more Yelp people I'd like to finally meet. Maybe one day. I wonder if I'll ever meet Rochelle? Melonbar? Daryl? We'll see.


PuPCakes said...

did my flowers look pretty?
...and who's this "Rochelle"?...
I hope it's not that "rochelle g." character. She rated my friend's restaurant,(Amarone) poorly and now he thinks that's me. oh noes!

Ninja said...

Flowers? Um, er....... YEAH! They were pretty!

Rochelle is a hot chick with a boyfriend.

PuPCakes said...

...all rochelles on yelp are hot

We sent two arrangements for the party. I hope they arrived in one piece!

Anonymous said...

What's this about weird hand gestures? I'll give you a weird hand gesture, mister! Nice firehouse red bike, BTW.